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Our Publications
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A continuous look at what's happening in the sector

Smart World Partners is strongly involved in the various networks of digital players at the national level (Infranum, CREDO, Aromates, FNCCR…). As such, we are regularly involved in the drafting of studies and publications contributing to the observation and development of the sector. In addition, our consultants are called upon to speak at various events that mobilize the players in the sector.

Our involvement in networks, our contributions and our participation in various events in the sector enable us to provide a precise vision of digital news in the territories. 

Some examples of publications in which our consultants have been directly involved…


Very High-Speed Broadband
Observatory 2020

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The future of RIP 1G: presentation of the results of the study and methodological guide

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Very High-Speed Broadband
Observatory 2019

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Infranum press releases

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Digital for territories

Le numérique pour les territoires